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'Naked Boys Singing'Is Full-Frontal Fun

By David Kaufman

Naked Boys Singing!' is every bit as full-frontally outrageous as its title implies. A new musical revue that features unabashedly lewd material, "Naked Boys" is a contemporary "Oh! Calcutta!" being put on by a "Full Monty" gang, sort of like a Chippendales glee club.

For the most part, the generic tunes sound like they might have been concocted for a makeshift theatrical event at a summer camp - especially with their accompaniment by a lone piano. But while some of the lyrics are genuinely clever, many of the numbers prove laugh-out-loud funny in surprisingly sophisticated ways. Read More...

New York Times

Window-Shopping: Is It Mr. Right or Just Mr. Raw?

By Anita Gates

Has it really been 30 years since Broadway audiences gasped at the sight of the cast of "Hair" standing nude on stage for a few minutes? Now theatergoers at the Actors' Playhouse in Greenwich Village gaze casually and smile good-naturedly as the cast of "Naked Boys Singing" performs its lightly teasing opening number, "Gratuitous Nudity," and much of the rest of the show, equally unclothed. This is an affable, appealing production with a versatile and talented cast.

"Naked Boys Singing" isn't for everybody -- especially sweet Aunt Rose from Hooterville, unless she's partial to symbolic re-creations of masturbation and crude terms for it -- and it's hardly brilliant, but it should please its target audience, and the rest of us who can, in the right mood, appreciate slightly prurient songs about circumcision. Read More...

New York Observer

It is Naked Boys, More and Less

On the town with Rex Reed

Question: How many naked boys does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: At least the entire cast of NAKED BOYS SINGING!, the surprise hit revue that is packing them in down at the Actors' Playhouse in Greenwich Village.

This title is self-explanatory. Eight buffed and butt naked guys, with camera-ready bods and perky personalities to match, sing and dance their way through 16 musical numbers dedicated to stripping you of your inhibitions in a glorious celebration of the altogether. I'll be darned if they don't succeed. After the initial shock wears off, you get so accustomed to the nudity that it no longer gets in the way of the entertainment. The effect is strangely liberating. It's only 90 minutes long, and by the time it is over, you'll feel overdressed in a tank top. Read More...